DJ Biography

Eric Yo (formely Probable Cause) is no stranger amongst the so cal EDM circuit. Having spent over a decade in the Drum N Bass Scene, he has been considered an ambassador for San Diego DNB. He is known for his involvement with Champion Sound (Defunct), CSL (Defunct), Rubik Radio (formerly Pacific Foundation Radio) on Bassdrive and of course San Diego's premiere DnB/Jungle Night "DEEP" as well as Heavy & BASSment.

His influence and styles range from jazz, soul, R&B, downtempo, drum n bass, electro and 80's, which can be heard in his sets as well as tunes he has produced. His infamous Bootleg remix (with Calculon) of Santogold's "Unstoppable" commandeered a whopping 2,000 downloads in a 2 month period, and still went on to sell over 800 white label vinyl units.

His diverse music selection and solid deliveries to the dancefloor has has earned him bookings up and down the west coast from Rosarito to Seattle as well as in, Arizona, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Boston, with the likes of Logistics, Nicky Blackmarket, LTJ Bukem, DJ SS, John B, Total Science, Cause4Concern, Ed Rush, Optical, Loxy, Ink, High Contrast, Tech Itch, Vinyl Syndicate, Dieselboy, Dara, AK1200 & Mathematics as well as Shark Attack, The Villians, Cobra Krames, Klever, Treasure Fingers to name a few.